Technical Seminar Presentation on conceptual indexing with PPT for ECE Students

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on conceptual indexing:

The paper is about conceptual indexing. The conceptual indexing is a methodology which uses the phrases in indexed material conceptually. The same is done automatically by parsing each phrase to one or more conceptual structures which represent the way the elements of the phrase are arranged to give a meaning.

The main key attribute of the technology includes the ability for determining, a new description which it belongs to and when the description is also not in taxonomy already. This can be done by using the algorithm MSS, which is responsible for finding the most specific subsumers of new description more efficiently. This makes the information seekers to locate all the concepts according the requests, though the request is not in taxonomy.

The building blocks of conceptual indexing includes the document handling, analysis based on lexical, phrase based analysis, also taxonomic classification and also includes browsing and retrieval.

The element of conceptual indexing includes concept extractor: which is used to identify all the words and phrases that are to be indexed and also makes a record of it, the material they are available. Concept assimilator: It is used to analyze the structure and also the meaning of the concept phrase to find the conceptual taxonomy it belongs to.  Conceptual retrieval system: It makes use of the conceptual taxonomy for making the connection between the requests and also the indexed items. Conceptual navigator: it allows the user to move easily in the taxonomy and also allows user to browse the conceptual taxonomy.

We can conclude that there is a need for intelligent information retrieval system for solving the real world problems. And can also say that the usage of rich multimedia databases is not useful when we don’t have the access to the right information at the right time.

Download  Technical Seminar Presentation on conceptual indexing with PPT for ECE Students.

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