Technical Seminar Presentation on Laser Theraphy PPT for Instrumentation Students

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Laser Theraphy:

The paper is about laser therapy. Laser stands for light amplification my stimulated emission of radiation. The applications of lasers are mostly in the medical field in situation where there exists an interaction which occur between the laser radiation and also the human tissue. It has achieved a successful record in the medical field which involves the treatment related to the detached retina, dermatology and much more.

The laser tissue interaction has following optical process which includes the reflection which is direct that occur at the boundaries of the layer. Also includes the absorption of the absorbed energy. This also involves the direct transmission which occurs through the layer.

The usage of the laser in the medical field involves, the usage of optical fibres in the medical application, also involves the typical fibre application, and also the single mode fibre application. Laser therapy is used also in the applications related to dental treatment the popular lasers which are mainly used are Ruby laser, Carbon dioxide laser, Neodymium laser

The category of the dental laser is classified into two basic categories. The first is the Contact mode and other the Non-Contact mode which is further classified as either focused or even de focused   When we consider the non-contact surgery it requires a great power setting when compared to that of the contact mode for achieving the equivalent tissue effect.

We can conclude that the usage of laser has several advantages as it exhibits certain properties like Great sterility, includes the Non-contact surgery, and it is more useful in case of children so that they can experience the painless surgery, also the apparent reduction in case of the after operation pain.

Download  Technical Seminar Presentation on Laser Theraphy PPT for Instrumentation Students.

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