Technical Paper Presentation for Information Technology on Blue Eye Technology

Introduction to Technical Paper Presentation for Information Technology on Blue Eye Technology:

Blue Eye is defined as the technology that provides means for monitoring and recording the operator’s basic physiological parameters. If we add such abilities to the computer then it will make the computer more powerful. Imagine if we are sitting in front of the computer that can listen, even talk it is the era of the computer. We have a technologies facial recognition and speech recognition, a mouse that can feel our touch. This type of computer can also recognize our emotional and also physical state.

System overview: – Blue Eyes system monitors the status and the parameters of the body like heart beat and blood pressure. Blue eye technology consists of mobile measuring device and a central analytical system. In mobile device Bluetooth is used between sensors to transmit data. Central system unit is used to handle personalized ID cards.

Emotional Mouse: – This mouse is used to develop for evaluating the user’s emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, disgust, happiness etc. It can also sense the behavior the of the user like mouse movements, button click frequency and finger pressure. It can measure physiological information of the user like heart rate, skin temperature and skin electricity.

Application: – It can used in shopping malls, in it works by tracking eyes, pupil amd mouth movement. It also used in mobile industry by simply touching the computer input and it also design to determine person’s emotional state. It also gives response to facial response.

Benefits: – It prevents the user from dangerous incident. It also minimizes the ecological consequences. It also technical means for monitoring and recording human operator. It also monitor physiological. It also transfers data through Bluetooth. And this technology is applied in many working fields like power plant, captain bridges and operators attention.

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