Blue Eyes Technology Documentation

Introduction to Blue Eyes Technology Seminar Topic:

A blue eye is the technology developed to make the computer interact with the human being. The computer observes the facial expression of the human being and responds to it accordingly. By the blue technology the computer can be operated without the need of mouse or a keyboard. In this paper we see how blue eyes technology works and its uses in today’s world.

Brief into blue eyes:

The research on human computer interface has been going on since a long and development was confines to a particular field and goal of human computer interface is to design a complete interacting device with the human being. Rosalind picard developed the computing algorithm which detects the facial and body expressions of the person and calculates them and responds accordingly.

The cameras observe the expressions of the human being and calculate them with the physical expressions and then respond. In the past a perfect algorithm was not available for the computer to analyze the expressions of the humans so the development was confined to certain limits.


As the machines interact with the persons directly there is a better possibility for generating a productive environment. By the blue eyes technology a better working environment can be created and reduces the time consumption for obtaining the results. Thus we can conclude that the blue eyes technology can laid down a path for further developments.

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