Technical Paper Presentation on 4G Technology

Introduction to Technical Paper Presentation on 4G Technology:

This document aims at presenting in details description about 4G technology. Internet has become part of our day to day life and we need it to stay connected to outer world. The support and services provided by the organization helps us to do that by using various technologies. The generation of technologies provides us the best services to stay connected to the outer world. Let us now learn about 4G.

What Is 4g?

                4G is the abbreviation of the fourth generation of wireless telecommunication. Fourth generation provides the best speed for internet access and high speed data transmission. Provides support high definition videos. It was deployed in year 2010.

4g Anytime, Anywhere

                We all know that 4G provides service to access to mobile internet anywhere, anytime. It provides best service in multimedia communication, multimedia gaming, and connecting internet with wireless connections. It provides portability in mobility.

4g Data And Facts

                The data transmission provided by 4G technology is 100Mbps for moving and 1Gbps for stationary deices like desktops. The transmission data rates in 2000 times than the mobile data rates. Data transmission more efficient than 3G. Companies using 4G technology cellular companies Alcatel, Nortel, and Motorola. IT companies Hughes, HP, and LG Electronics.

Key Technologies Used For 4g

                The key technologies comprising of fourth generation technology are OFDM, Wi – Max. Wi –Max is based on OFDM. OFDM is orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. OFDM is basically used for high rate of data transfer.


                We should use 4G as it provides us the best service for accessing and utilizing all the latest application. It offers the best video conferencing, and video steaming over the network, best support for multimedia application, and multimedia gaming. High speed internet access anywhere, and anytime. Provides mobility in internet access. The service provided are global and no roaming cost are incurred. Less costlier.

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