Technical Seminar on Cyborg Technology

Introduction to Technical Seminar on Cyborg Technology:

A machine can communicate in a fast process by using digital signals whereas as a human being can communicate by means of slow process through speech signals. by using cybernetic organism a human being communicate in fast process as his central nervous system is interfaced with a machine. The cyborg improves the capabilities of the human being and upgrades him. In this paper we will see how cybernetic organs are designed and how they are implanted in the human body to interface with the remote machine.

Brief on cyborg:

The cyborg is a chip which is connected to the nerve fibers of the nervous system. The chip consists of a transmitting and receiving unit and processing system and battery source is provided. The cyber orgs can be connected to different parts of the body for enhancing the capabilities. To control the human brain cyborg are connected to central nervous system and they can also be augmented to the nervous system.

By implanting a cyborg in the human body it amplifies human thought and vision and communication. The first cyber organism chip was implanted in the hand of the professor by using the chip he can control the doors and systems and windows without lifting his hand. A person’s capabilities are extended by using machine technology.

Applications and disadvantages:

This can be very helpful for the movement of the organs of a paralyzed person. By implanting a cyborg chip in a human body we can control the devices as the chip is interfaces with the machine. There are chances for the chip to be hacked and the control of the person goes to the others who can misuse. A cyborg person cannot take decisions on his own he has to rely on the machine.

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