Super Intelligent Robot Using Smoke Sensor and Light Projects Abstract


Super intelligent robot using smoke sensor and light projects main idea is to develop a robot application which can direct its path automatically based on light.


            In this project TCS230 is the color sensor, which senses color intensity and converts into frequency with 50% duty cycle Square waveform. Measurement of frequency is done using micro controller. This sensor is having internally 3 filters and is programmable, to select desired filter. By this we can get selected compositions of the irradiant light. By using this sensor we can find color of the object.

There are two other sensors used in this application mainly light sensing and smoke sensing. Light sensor is used to display color that falls on LDR surface and display color information on LCD display. And the other sensor smoke sensor is used to detect smoke and microcontroller will set alarm. 


            The LDR color sensor can directly interface with the microcontroller. If this color sensor is irradiant with any color, it produces 3 different frequency outputs to the microcontroller by selecting the respective RGB filters present in it. Then microcontroller calculates HUE % value with these three composition values. According to this calculated HUE value microcontroller displays that color name.

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