ECE Project Report on Microcontroller Based Automated Precise Temperature Controlling Systems

Introduction to Micro controller Based Automated Precise Temperature Controlling Systems Project:

Present days so many places are depending on temperature. For example industries. Industrial instruments mainly have been depending on powerful and controllable energy sources. Boiler, heat exchanges are providing these energies to the industries. The temperature of these machines can be controlled by heat coils or flame. So the machines will work long time, no damage will take place, and excessive heat will be remove.

Like these so many temperature controlling systems are available in market, which are warmer controlling system, medicine storing units, etc. temperature sensing is not controlled by basic standards method, direct comparison method. The main of this project is to sense the current status of the system and to control the heat generated by the source.

In olden days for controlling the temperature mechanical systems were used. But these systems were not giving efficient and accurate result. So electronic based systems were invented, which were efficient compared to mechanical machines. Present days technology has been improving effetely, so micro controller based automated precise controlling systems are used.

Various temperature controlling systems are available in market, which are discrete type (semi-automatic), discrete type (automatic), and Micro controller based (fully automatic). Hardware requirements are heater (LM35), temperature sensor, signal conditioning unit (LM358), controller (89C52), buffer (MOC 3041), and display (16*2 LCD display). Software requirements are MID-51 and Flash Magic.

Heater provides i/p to the system and such heat controlled by the controller. The surrounding temperature sensed by the sensor and corresponding output is produced in mv. The o/p of the sensor is not strong in signal form so signal conditioning circuit (SCC) is used.

Buffer is nothing but non-inverting unity gain amplifier which acts as feedback network to the system. Required point of temperature and o/p of SCC are given to controller, which mix these two and controlling feedback is given to heater through feedback network.

Display will display the required set point of temperature. It is applicable for domestic purpose, textile industries, water heating systems for aquarium, etc. future enhancement is compact size, improving range of temperature, also uses in some liquids, and parameters can operated by remote control. 

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