Student Information System project using ASP.Net

Student information system using ASP.Net project is for btech computer science final year students who are looking for innovative web application which will help students, universities and teachers to provide quality education for students. The main aim for working on student feedback system project is to collect information on education standards in each university and have a survey on professors, universities using voting procedure which are performed by students of their respective college. Student-Information-System-project-using-ASP.Net.

Student information system project will provide admin module through which universities should update information about their education system, facilities, lectures of each branch and subject, based on subject code and branch code. Using user module user will register in to this online web application using his registration number. Students are provided with five options excellent, good, bad, very good..Etc using these voting system students will vote for lectures and colleges. Students will go through different levels before submitting his feedback style of teaching, Time sense, Subject knowledge, Voice strength and behavior. This website will provide features like semester results. 

After analyzing the results on education standards based on voting system this application will provide results through graphical charts. 

This project will help education institutions to check there standers and improve their education structure for providing better education for engineering students.

List of software and hardware required for this project. 

Hardware & Software Specifications For Student Information System:   


                Processor          :          Intel P-IV system

                Processor Speed    :         250MHz to 833MHz

                RAM                :         512MB RAM

                Hard Disk          :          40GB          


       Operating System            :            Windows XP

       Database                    :             Sql   Server

       Server side technology      :            ASP.Net

       Server side scripting       :             ASP

       Client side scripting       :             HTML

        Web-Server                    :             IIS 

For more information on this project you can download project document and sample code.

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