Asp.Net Project on Scar Global Life Insurance

This project is for cse and IT engineering final year students who are interested in developing web application using .net# and sql database. ASP.NET Scar Global life insurance project is about calculating current Micro insurance market in India and providing detailed statistics by gathering and analyzing insurance information which is available in the market. This project will provide option to boost up Life insurance industry  in India. ASP.NET-PROJECT-ON-SCAR-GLOBAL-LIFE-INSURANCE

Main Modules in Scar Global Life Insurance.

This project is developed in three modules.

Admin module: helps registered members to log in to ther accounts and manage insurance articles and user information.

Registered User Module: Through this module user can know product information and premium details.

Public user’s module: This module provides detailed information on insurance statistics. 

Purpose of the Scar Global Life Insurance System 

This online web application provides insurance analysis with guidelines on insurance facilities with the help of articles which can be easy accessed by the user. Website is designed with high quality tools with several dynamic features.

Scar Global Life Insurance project allows admin to register users in to their accounts and provide requested information like name, address, date of birth, medical information…etc. Website will provide management facility to modify details of users and provide better service through article information. 

This application provides computerized solution for existing systems which manages data in excel spread sheets. This application helps in managing data in database which is easy to maintain. 

For developing this application following software and hardware are required. 

Software Requirements. 

Server-side Requirements 

Operation System  : Windows 2003

Web Server        : IIS 6.0(Internet Information Server)

Framework         : ASP.NET 2.x frame work enabled

Database          : SQL Server 2000/2005

Minimum Space   : 1GB (including Database space) and may grow   depends on the Customer information

 Client-side Requirements 

Browser : Any HTML 4.0 or prior version compliant browser with a Minimum Screen resolution of 800X600 pixels (best   ewed in 1024 x 768 resolution).

 JavaScript     : JavaScript should be enabled in the browser.

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