Online Tax Information System A ASP.Net Project

Online-Tax-Information-A-ASP-Net-Project.Online Tax Information System ASP.NET project explains about a online application which can provide tax information of different bodies in municipalities like water department, electricity department and other. This application will collect information from different bodies based on house number and owner name and update information in to database which can be viewed by citizens using web services.

In existing system citizens will receive bills form respective departments and they will pay through online services like e-seva. But still there are some departments which use manual process for storing data and citizens need to go to offices and know about their tax information which is time taking process. In this system there are chances of misplacing or losing data.

 In proposed system users can directly know there tax information and even calculate yearly monthly tax information through online web application. Using this application there is no chances of losing data any old record can be viewed with in few seconds. Citizens should register with this application by provided accurate information for viewing tax information of different departments.

This application can be further improved by adding features like online payment, intranet communication inside departments, customer care services.

download Online Tax Information System A ASP.Net Project.

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  1. I also need the whole source code of this project (online tax payment system) please attach me as much as possible on my email address

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