Structural Properties and Characterization Issues of Clay Based Hybrid Nano composites

In the fabrication of advanced composites, hardware and circuit components epoxy is a versatile and accepted matrix material.  Here, HNT clay is used as an enforcement material because of their nanoscale size and polymer numbers. The hybrid composition of glass-epoxy is designed by halloysite nanosize particles by chemical treatment. This chemical reaction is analyzed by the X-ray diffractometer.   

        This Project “Structural Properties and Characterization Issues of Clay Based Hybrid Nano composites” explains the characteristics and properties of epoxy and polymer glass reinforced hybrid composited. The wear tests have been conducted in the pin-on-disc type for different loads and percentage composition and respective changes of nanoparticles are studied.


      In the paper Structural properties and characterization issues of clay based hybrid nanocomposites, X-ray diffraction is performed for clay particles as well as clay particles with epoxy and their interlayer separation is studied. This process is executed possessing a scanning rate of around 20 per minute which has a Cuka radiation that operates at 30 kV and 15 mA by the X-ray diffractometer.

       The XRD results depict that the intensity of the nano particle size clay composites are quite lesser than functional nano clay composites. The wear test is conducted on pure epoxy of around 1%, 2% of nano particles with various combinations of loads and time. The wear rate is in inverse proportion with the hardness of the nanocomposites.


            In this paper, the characterization issues of the nano clay composite particles i.e. both functional as well as non-functional are studied with the aid of XRD technique. And on the study and analysis of these techniques the nano composites are prepared and conclusions are drawn from the results.         

            The nano clay particles that are non-functionalized aren’t properly dispersed in the matrix. However the functionalized nano particles are dispersed properly because of chemical treatment meted out to them.

Download Mechanical Structural Properties and Characterization Issues of Clay Based Hybrid Nano composites Seminar paper and Project Output Document.

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