Synthetic Oil Technology Mech Projects Idea

A motor oil is an engine oil which is employed for lubrication of internal combustion engines. The motor oil’s main function is lubrication but besides that cleaning, inhibition of corrosion and other such functions are also carried out. This paper “Synthetic Oil Technology Mech Projects Idea” explains about synthetic oil and its terminology in detail.

The main point of difference between motor oil and synthetic oil lies in their molecular structure. In the case of a motor oil, the molecules originate from organic and natural materials whereas synthetic oil’s molecular structure has a uniform set of molecules that is created by scientists in lab.


In the paper on it is explained that the synthetic oil consists of three main parts. The first component is the base oil. The second component is the carrier oil. It is the carrier oil that disperses these powdered performance additives throughout the base oil. Then the third component is the performance additives which are in powder form. They are four point depressants, viscosity index improvers, detergents and dispersants and oxidation corrosion inhibitors.

Along with this, the various terminologies associated with synthetic oils are also discussed. However, synthetic oils are very expensive as compared to motor oils. But as it is a creation by scientists in the labs, many changes and variations are to be had in the molecular structure for applications in day to day products.

Synthetic Oil Technology Mech Projects Idea Conclusion:

By this paper, we learn that the advantage of this new concept is its ability to get back into the soil with less negative impacts. A typical motor oil if spilled would need to undergo special treatment facilities. On the other hand for a synthetic oil, a simple process is sufficient because of its biodegradable nature. Thus the study of synthetic oils is required.

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