Gain Store Inventory Management System

Gain Store Inventory  management system provide fully control and keep track for all equipments in the store. Each equipment should be located in specific place in the store and have an unique code .You can manage process Inventory Store in efficient and accurate way, You can keep track any transferring process between stores, This system provide some reports (i.e. report contains data for nor-rotatable equipments with summary data, … etc)..

Gain Store Inventory Management System


The first page it will be the login page you should enter user name and password correctly to be able to access the application features, each user has permissions to access pages, there are pages you can do some operations in warehouse like add a new item’s information (code, type, production date, expire date, ..), you can find any item by using search capability and there are many reports analyze the stock. Through the application there are cycle handles the work flow between warehouse operators and the administrators.

We are designing the database model (Entity Relationship Diagram) ERD .requires an understanding of the system and its components .This is a briefly description to our database:
Items (Item ID ,Item name , type, created date, category id, location id, quantity , description ..).
Categories (category id, name …..)
users (user id, user name ,password , role id … )
roles (role id, description ….)
transactions (transaction id, created date, user id …..)
locations (location id, …)

Database Tables Details:

Table Name: WorkFlowSteps

Description: This table is contains all Work Flow steps types , names of each transaction and when it was created and which user was create it

Fields :StepID,StepNumber ,StepName

Table Name: Transaction Log

Description :All details made in the transactions which equipment was entered , when it was entered , when it was exit , created and comments about it and by which user

Fields :Trans ID ,Material ,RetunedDate ,Exit Date ,Comments ,Created Date , User ID

Table Name: User

Description :This table is shown users who entered equipments  , exit  and make a transactions in the warehouse and their names , user names , passwords and title

Fields :User ID ,User Name ,Password ,Title  ,Created Date ,DepartmentID ,ManagerID

Table Name: Materials

Description :All Materials and it’s quantity ,  classifications to categories and where it was located  by which user and when it was created

Fields: MaterialID ,Name ,Category ID ,Location ID ,Quantity  ,IsActive  ,Created Date

Table Name: Location

Description :Where each equipment is located , by which user , when it was created and location id

Fields :Location ID ,Location Name ,Created Date

Table Name: Category

Description: All categories are exist in the warehouse , when it was created ad by which user ,  it’s id and name

Fields :Category ID ,Name ,Created Date

Table Name: WorkFlowActions

Description :Contains steps of each work flow

Fields :Action ID ,ManagerID ,Approved  ,WorkFlowID.WFStepID

Table Name: Departments

Description: contains data of all departments

Fields :Department ID ,Department Name

Table Name: WorkFlow

Description: This table is contains all Work Flow ID,and users and Materials

Fields :WorkflowID, UserID , MaterialID

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