Inventory Management System Project in VB.Net

Introduction to Inventory Management System Project:

The system of inventory management has been brought in to effect in order to keep an eye on details that involve equipment  The product in question at the moment is based on windows and thus it is essential to maintain a PRE-SO that is the supply order and also a POST-SO, which will in turn make it easy to prepare a list, detailing the involvement of equipment.

It is the task of the product to handle the supply order. What should be done is that, this supply order be maintained from the very beginning of the financial year; this would include maintaining of supply sheets for each individual client, for the equipment that have been supplied to them. 

The equipment are later given a unique ISG number by the BRO, and are assigned to the different projects handled by the BRO. Once the PRE-SO list has been completed, it is now the job of the BRO to maintain a POST-SO sheet. In this sheet, the BRO keeps a tally of the supply and the liability that it faces in its current year. Lastly comes the guide sheet that has all the details regarding the budget, and cleared liabilities for three years, which gets carried forward to the new year. 

What the Border Road Organization (BRO) does is build and maintain the road networks, in the entire northern and north-eastIndia. In order for the organization to work smoothly, it has come up with a system which it has implemented: all road developmental projects are time bound and has to be completed within the allotted time.

Also there is a question as to which should take the most priority, defense or regional development, something with which the General Reserve Engineer Force, helps the organization with, by helping in the construction and providing personnel. BRO is not a small organization as it has numerous plants, equipment’s, about 130 kinds of vehicles in mechanized fleets. 

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