Store Management Project in Vb

In order to handle different type of works that are included in Stores like stock management, customers information..etc we designed store management project in vb which can store data and provide reports for analysis.

Project Title:Store Management Project in Visual basic

Project Introduction:

In present software trend most of the work is done using software applications. We can see in every shop computerized billing systems are used and in super markets we use software applications for billing.

There are few areas where work should be computerized one among them are stores where stock is managing and customer information should be handled and billing, report generation calculation work is required.

Store management software can manage all these works in a stand alone application and data is stored in database and admin can search for records and take back up for database.

Project Advantages:

This application will improve standard of data management and help admin to reduce errors which are caused by humans while entering data.

Easy to analyze sales and generate reports for every month using sales report generation module.

No issues with Data security and provides solution for database back up.

Download Store Management Project in Vb

Project Source Code:

Students can download related projects source code and project reports in, java, , PHP languages form below links.

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