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These are the below selected top 10 Android Application Projects


This camtagger android application works based on wifi direct technology, Which connects with the other devices which ever available in the group and collects the sensor values from that device and embeddes the details along with the picture taken in the device, audio of length 5 seconds will also be recorded along with the picture. Using this the pictures taken can have even have more details about the social status and surrounding of the picturization location.

camtagger application

1.Init Wifi Direct

In this module the wifi device will be initialized in wifi P2P mode using its new dns feature in android Jelly Bean(4.2 and above). Then Search for the client or group owner peers in the range and populate it.

Get the device details and display it to the user while taking the picture.

2.Connect to client

In this Mdule connection between the client/owner P2P which has been selected by the user using socket communication andestablish a two way communication. Two ports for each mode of communication,
one for receiving data and one for tranferring the collected sensor values to the requestee.

3.Initialise Sensors

In this Module The sensors available on the device used will be collected and the sensors which ever is available in the device will be initialized and registered in the broadcast receiver to receive the data when ever there is a change the data in the appropritae sensors valuies.

4.Read Sensors

In this module after the picture initializer device which requests the device to give back the data from the device the values from the sensors which ever available in the device and which has been regeistered to recive the data through broadcst receiver will be captured and will be collected into single string or array object.

5.Return collected Array

In this Module the array object which has been created in the Step 4 wil be sent back to the device which requested te data through the appropriate socket which has been initialed in step 2.

6.Embed/Attach the Data to Picture

In this module after reciveing back the sensor data from the client/ owner device create a sequence from the receive information and attache it to the image.

7.View the details

In this Module the pictures taken through the app will be diaplayed along with the coollected information from the devices connected.

Womens Safety

Womens Safety

This Project mainly focuses on safety of the device user, when ever this application is launched it will start monitoring the devices sensor values ie accelerator GPS location,network location. When ever the device sensor values changes above the threshold values of the sensors the device will automatically launch camera and will take pictures and will start sensing SMS and mails with pictures as attachment to the members added in the application along with the Latitude and Longitude details of the device.

Privacy Location Monitor Application

Privacy Location Monitor Application

In this project the application continuously monitors the users location and analysis the user location based on the frequency of the the visit to the particular location and generated a complete history view of the device owner which can be viewed over Google maps and or graph view of the location history. This locations can be used to generate the travel history of the user.

NFC Based Attendance Management System

This project is to make the attendance system even more simple, whenever the NFC Tag is placed over the NFC device the application records the details about the particular card and will record the time and location which can be used to make the attendance .

Sketch Search

a. This project is to search over internet using the sketch created.

b. Sketched can be created by using other photos searched over internet and can be compiled into single image

c. based on the created image search in the internet.

Nodes and Datas

a. This project is to create a safe and secure method to transfer datas between a client and server nodes.

b. In this we use a third node which will act as a middleware to the client and the server.

c. the middle ware will get the required data which the client asked and returns back to the client.

d. the datas tranfered between nodes will be encrypted using rsa enccryption.

e. the number of nodes can be added and the server communication can be tracked

Dynamic Data Cloud

a. This project is to share the server load equally between nodes.

b. load balancing algorithms used to share loads between nodes

c. the number of the servers can be increased according to the load of the data

d. the data tranferred between the servers and nodes will be automatically and swotched based on loads

Android Based Home Security System

a. This project is used to monitor the acticities present in home

b. When ever a motion is detected an sms will e automatically triggger and mail scan be trif=ggered with mail to the owner

Android Based Digital Signage System

a. This project can be used to advertise or campaign the product detais to the customers

b. It used multiple views in android to create a multiple windows in a single screen

c. it can be monitoed remotely and schedules can also be published over internet or though data cards

Mobile Security System

a. This Project  is to secure the personal data in mobile device in case of theft.

b.It can erase the complete data in the device

c. An sms and mail will be triggered about the location of the device whenever there is a change in

sim in the device

wrong password entry

unistallation of the application.

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