Inventory Management System VB.Net Project

Inventory Management System is a system which is used to keep track of sales and purchase of electronic goods. Its main objective is to keep track of stocks, sales and purchase of goods, maintain staff and customer information and generate reports.

The main functionalities of this system are as follows:

  • To maintain information about current availability of stock based on which it decides whether there is a need to purchase goods, if they are out of stock.
  • To display the information about dealer and also add information about new dealer.
  • To maintain the information about staff, their personal details such as contact number, name, address, qualification, birth date, etc.
  • To maintain the information about customer who visit the store for shopping.
  • It also provides discounts to customers who frequently visit the shop and purchase goods.
  • To provide information regarding sales and purchase of goods.
  • To provide information about sales summary.
  • The system can be accessed by administrator and accounts department.
  • It provides the functionality to create new user who can access the system.
  • It also provides the records of the defective products which the customers return back to the shop for replacement.
  • It also generates the purchase bill.

Inventory Management System Use Case Diagram

Project Scope

This document covers the requirements for the Inventory Management System. This Software will provide a graphical environment in which the users of the system will be able to perform various operations that are associated with storing, marinating, updating   and retrieving Stock information. The purpose of this is to guide developers in selecting a design that will be able to accommodate the full-scale application.

Product Perspective

The product Inventory Management system, is an independent product and does not depend on any other product or system. The product will automate various tasks associated with handling stock details and better organizing the Megastore information and  optimum performance, thus helping  the manager to ensure smooth working of these processes.

Inventory Management System Login Page

Product Features

The product, IMS will automate various tasks associated with handling stock details. The software will be used by the Megastores to Megastore the details of new and existing product. Periodically it will be used by the Megastores to input the total sales and sales rate information after the month/years. His software inherently makes automatic calculations on sales rate. And all this information is accessible to administrators and manager to keep track of their selling progress of the product. Also the software has a provision that will allow administrators to print the required reports of various products .

Inventory Management System Purchase Order Enquiry

User Classes and Characteristics

This software gives access to 2 kinds of users.

Administrator: The manager and Megastore administrator will have administrator access to add, delete and modify information Megastore in the database.

Authorized User: computer operator staff will have access to only view the data Megastored in the database in the form of formatted reports.

System Features


Description and Priority

The login form is used all the users. This module has the highest priority when compared to all the other modules. This model allows the the user to enter his username and password in order to make use of the software.

Inventory Management System User Page & Manage AccountsStimulus/Response Sequences

This module has text boxes where the user can enter the his username name and password. If the necessary information is not provided or if invalid inputs are given by the user then the system will pop a message box.

Functional Requirements

Only authorized users are allowed to login.. If invalid user Name or password is given by the end-users then system should inform the user. If Unauthorized   users try to access then it should not allow the user to work on the System.

Data Entry module

Description and Priority

This module is used by data entry operator who is responsible for entering the details of products. The module requests that the Data entry Operator specify the function he/she would like to perform (either Add a product, update a product, or delete a product details).

In “Update a product” Once the Data entry Operator updates the necessary information ,the system updates the product record with the updated information.

In “Delete a product” Once the Data entry operator deletes the record, the system prompt s the user to confirm the deletion of the product.

Stock Entry Module

Description and Priority

This module allows the stock entry operator to add, delete or modify the product information from the system.

Stimulus/Response Sequences

The system requests the stock entry staff to specify the function she/he would like to perform(either Add stock, Update stock, Delete stock and Generate Report)

Functional Requirements

In “Add stock” Once the stock entry clerk provide the requested information, the system saves the stock and an appropriate message is displayed.

In “Update stock” the stock entry operator makes the desired changes to the stock details and at the same time the database will save the changes that are made by the stock entry operator.

In “Delete stock” if the clerk wishes to proceed with the deletion of the record on click of this the record is deleted from the system.

In “Report generation” the computed result of a particular product is displayed.

Download the complete Grocery Inventory Management System PHP & MySQL Project.

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