MyKids Parental Control Android App Synopsis

Project Aim:

MyKids is an android application which helps the parents to track the health and educational needs of their Childs.


1) Admin

Admin is the person who adds the persons, hospitals and schools to the app. They can register to the application only by getting the approval from the admin. A notification will have sent to the clients if they get the approval/denial from the admin.

2) Registration and Login

In this module, parents can register their children by entering their details, their school’s details and the hospital details. Based on the data given in this time, they will be directed towards the specified page.

3) up to 3 years

Immunization chart-This module gives the option to track the immunization chart of children. It will show when the child has to take the vaccination, history of immunization, when is the next doctor appointment.

immunization we mean that nowadays it is getting very compulsory to give vaccines to kids. some schools need this information for giving admission to the children. So this app will give reminders to parents about the vaccine due and the parents able to get the chart of vaccines from the app

Development questionnaire-This will help the parent to make sure the developmental activities of the child by checking whether their children reached a particular milestone in growth.

4) 4-6 years

This module also has an immunization chart which helps to track the vaccination. Besides that, they also have they can get the updates from the school. They can track the tuition fee payment details, bus fee details, and important announcements from the schools.

5) 7-10 years

This category has focused more on schools. They get push notifications on the exams of the children and also the payment of tuition and bus fee.

6) Search

Search option gives the parents an opportunity to search the extracurricular activities for their children and also to search the nearest schools and children’s hospitals nearby.

The remainders to the parents will be given as push notification and also gets updates from the application.

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