Speed Control of Dc Motor by Using PWM Technique Project Report

In  Speed control of dc motor by using PWM technique  Project, we controlled the speed of the industrial drive i.e. dc motor using pulse width modulation technique. The job the speed controlling mechanism is to take the required speed level and to control the speed of the motor at that speed.

In industries, dc motors play a vital role in operating the machines. The production rate is mainly depending on the efficient working of the dc motor. so in order to attain desired performance, we need to control  the speed of the dc motor,

The need of pulse width modulation:

The conventional speed control mechanism are failed to speed control without noise and this method is not accurate, and large amount of heat is wasted in the form of heat and wear and tear is increased, so compared with the electromechanical approach of sped control the PWM speed control provides greater flexibility, reliability, accuracy, higher efficiency with less operational speed.

PWM principle:

The behind the operation is varying the duty cycle we control the input power within the two half cycles. We generate pulses based on the carrier signals and reference sinusoidal using particular modulation, the entire criteria are explained in the coming sections.

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Power supply circuit setup:

In our Speed control of dc motor by using PWM technique project we need to supply 5v regulated dc supply for that we used a grid of step down transformer – full bridge rectifier – filter circuit – voltage regulator.

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