Induction Motor Speed Control by Pulse Width Modulation Technique

AIM: The main aim of Induction Motor Speed Control by Pulse Width Modulation Technique project is to control the speed of induction motor  and here it is controlled by pulse width modulation technique.

Description: There  are  many conventional  methods  of controlling  the  speed  of  an Induction motor. Among them V/F  control ,voltage control ,current control  are some of the methods. But here we are using PWM technique for controlling the speed of an induction motor.  

Here in this project we are implementing this pwm technique to the microcontroller for operation. Basically it consists of  mainly a micro controller, optocoupler , triac , induction motor ,and increment and decrement switches connected in series with the motor adjusted the amount of current flowing through the motor.

This project use Opto Copulers to transmit electrical signals in the circuit using a short optical transmission path—since the electrical signal is converted to a light beam, transferred, then converted back to an electrical signal, there is no need for electrical connection between the destination and source circuits.

Here as said earlier there are two keys INC and DEC. by pressing these keys the speed can increased or decreased. These speeds can be controlled that is increased or decreased by controlling the firing angles. So by changing  the firing angles the speed is regulated through micro controller which is controlled through optocoupler which is further operated with triac and the whole is fed to the induction motor.Thus we can obtain the control of  the induction motor.

download  Induction Motor Speed Control by Pulse Width Modulation Technique embedded system  Project .

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