Ac Induction Motor Speed Control Using Constant V/F Method.

AIM:    AC Induction Motor Speed Control Using Constant V/F Method projects main aim is to develop a micro controller based speed control application using variable frequency control method. This project is a simple application which can be done with a low cost.

With a cost effective process it is easy to control AC induction motor using one of the most popular voltage frequency ratio technique.

Description:  In present scenario each and every industries are using DC motors, reason behind this is it is easy to control the speed of DC motor compare to AC motors. But there are few drawbacks in DC motors compare to AC motors.

Maintenance for DC motors are more compare to AC motors.  By introduction of power electronic devices DC motors are replaced with AC motors because speed control problem had solved with power electronics devices.

In this paper we will cover how power electronic devices works with induction motors and we explain in detail about supply frequency and many other factors. 


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