CSE Seminar Idea on Continuous Monitoring of Spatial Queries in Wireless Broadcast Environments

For the dissemination of information the wireless system of data broadcasting is one of the most promising techniques. It also leverages the capabilities of the cellular phones that increase the system’s scalability power. Under this system the broadcasting of the data will be continuously carried on with the help of the server, intervealed for the processing of key with the information of the index. The client can easily tune to the channel of broadcasting for process their queries locally without the need of connecting the server.

Spatial queries were carried on previously that helps in processing for the broadcast system through a wireless device. Snapshot queries are preferred over the static data. In this thesis we propose the latest air indexing method that outperforms in the energy consumption terms, the existing techniques of the snapshots. It also enable to get a low latency access and also constitutes the continuous spatial queries processing over the objects in motion.

In this thesis we study about the processing of spatial query through the use of wireless broadcasting environments. The centrally located server helps in transmitting data along with information about indexing. The process is then further queried by the clients locally for accessing the broadcasting channel. The target of the settings is to reduce the consumption of power and access the latency on the part of the client. An air indexing system is proposed that helps in the regular grid store and transmit of objects.

Algorithms are designed for continuous queries and snapshots over dynamic and static data. The first study on air indexing considers the movement of data objects and addresses continuous queries. The efficiency of the algorithm is demonstrated and with the comparison of intensive experiments, the current frameworks for queries of snapshots and constant technique of re-computed for the continuing series.

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