Project Report On Solar Power Water Pumping System

Project Report On Solar Power Water Pumping System: The performance of a solar water pumping system is discussed in this report; the system consists of a photovoltaic (PV) array, a permanent magnet (PM) DC motor and a helical rotor pump. The operation of the PV array is analyzed using PSPICE. The efficiency of the system is improved with a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) and a sun-tracker. Simulation and field test results are presented.

The main advantage is that the sunlight is intense, when the demand for irrigation is high. In addition to the solar energy available at the time of use so that the independent farmers or fuel supply of electrical cables. Solar pumps have the potential to revolutionize small-scale irrigation in developing countries in the near future. The technical feasibility of solar energy (photovoltaic) established. The pumps were important limiting factor is the high cost and lack of familiarity with the technology they require a concerted effort in the training of technicians and large-scale introduction in a region with already adequate technical assistance . However, incentives and initiatives, the payments to be made by multinational companies / authorities of the scheme in rural areas for small-scale irrigation systems in remote rural areas where electrification is an expensive affair spread.  The system model is the introduction of solar water pumps and irrigation systems to help provide sustainable development for farmers in the United Nations or in rural areas electrified. Various agencies and financial institutions are to assist in the development of credit-control to target rural area without electricity.

Project Report On Solar Power Water Pumping System Conclusion:

In conclusion, photovoltaic power for irrigation is cost competitive with traditional energy sources for small ,remote applications, if the total system design and utilization timing is carefully considered and organized to use the solar energy as efficiently as possible. In future, when the prices of fossil fuels rise and the economic advantages of mass production reduce the peak watt cost of the photovoltaic cell, Pumping Water for Irrigation Using Solar Energy.

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