Solar Electric Charge Controller and Portable Power Supply

Solar Electric Charge Controller and Portable Power Supply projects main aim is to develop a micro controller based device which will use solar energy to recharge a DC battery. In order to setup this system solar panel should work at an optimal power. In order to generate maximum and consistent power from solar panels controllers will vary voltage across the solar panel. Here we use pulse width modulation techniques to charge the DC battery by maintaining voltage level. 

The main electronic components of our product are the solar panel which provides power, generated power is supplied to rechargeable batteries, Circuit is used for improving power sharing between two,and a LCD and two LEDs as outputs to the user.microprocessor  For loading program on to PIC18F452 chip we use serial port and receive data output on a terminal program (such as HyperTerminal). 

Hardware used in this project:

  1. DC DC converter
  2. PIC Micro controller
  3. Micro chip for current sensing.
  4. LCD Display.
  5. Serial port for communication.
download  Solar Electric Charge Controller and Portable Power Supply Project. 

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