Industrial Power Management System

Design Objective of the Project:Industrial Power Management System project is a integration of different components like protective relays, remote I/O modules, Communications, monitoring, and engineering tool sets.

Industrial Power Management System project will provide you to develop and specify the most efficent, cost saving, and full-automated power management system useful for today. In order to develop this application we will specify major hardware required to develop a full featured power management system. Then under second stage we will explain on factors like economic benefits and reliability. 

This project completely involves in the monitoring of various parameters of powersystem and provides indication and control for the same.This project uses the powerful micro controller and the information gathered by the microcontroller is sent to the PC for processing.

Hardware requirements:

  1. RS232
  2. Micro Controller
  3. Signal Conditioning Circuits
  4. Analog Inputs
download  Industrial Power Management System Project. 

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