Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation Embedded System Project

AIM: Solar Tracking System For Optimal Power Generation Embedded System projects main idea is to develop a efficient solar panel which uses sun rays as energy and generate maximum power.The main use of this project is to provide solution for solar systems for generating maximum power from the solar panel by grasping maximum sun rays for a entire day. This system use rotation solar panel which will rotate in the direction of sun.


In present situation everyone is facing the problem with power cuts which is creating very much trouble to the people. So, to solve this problem we have a solution that is sun. Yes by using sun radiation we can get power i.e., the solar energy using which we generate the power. Though there are many energy sources like wind geothermal and wind. Among these sources solar energy is easy and cost efficient energy source. Which can full fill house needs.By using this project we are going to improve the efficiency of solar system. 


  1. For controlling Renewable Energy sources
  2. For House hold purposes
  3. For industrial requirements
download  Solar Tracking System For Optimal Power Generation Embedded System Project .


  1. sir i need circuit diagram and program for “solar tracking for optical power generation”
    and then what is the use of Keil IDE ,Uc-Flash software..

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