Hydro Electric Power Electrical Technical Presentation

This Hydro Electric Power Electrical Technical Presentation mainly explains about how the hydro electric power is generated by using the water flow. Nowadays electrical power generated sources are from coal, sunlight, water but the main problem is coal level reduced day by day. So to get the power the main resource is hydro electric power. These days all over the world 10 to 16% of the power generated from the water resource. The main aim of this seminar is to get the power from water. To get the hydro electric power we have to construct big dams, reservoirs.

These projects should be constructing with large area and with more height from the mountains the water flows down at that place we have to put the turbine, and then based on the water flow and height of the mountain the power can be generated. When the water is falling from the mountain then the turbines are rotated, when the turbines rotated then power is generated. This falling water should not be waste, this should be sent again to reservoir then the water is not wasted and the more power is generated. So the hydro electric process is good for the power generation, and there is the small and big turbines are available in industry. The small size of turbines generates less power, big turbines generate high power but the problem is that big turbine cost is high even though we have to use big turbines because for high power generation. So this is the best technology to generate power. This Project mainly useful for final year Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students.

Download Hydro Electric Power Electrical Technical Presentation and Seminar Topic.

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