Single Dc Motor Speed Control By Tv Remote

Abstract:– Here is a very simple example of DC motor speed control by changing firing angle of TRIAC with the help of micro controller AT89c52.In order to mange speed variations for the motor we use firing angle by using thyristor. This method is widely used method for speed variations in DC motor systems. In this project we use AT89C52 controller in the place of DIAC for firing TRIAC.A zero crossing detector circuit is used here to interrupt AT89C52 after every 10 ms. After getting an interrupt AT89C52 will fire TRIAC after some delay from 1 to 9 ms. This will reduce the current input to motor and so the motor speed will reduce.By changing the delay time with the TRIAC speed variation can be managed.

Software logic: –The complete operation is based on the software embedded in micro controller P89C51ED2.C is the programming language used in this application. Each function written has different functionality like ext1,ext2 and delay in speed. Programmed code is written on to micro controller.

download Single Dc Motor Speed Control By Tv Remote Project.

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