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Whether you are a fresher or a senior, you’ll agree that making a project is quite a tedious task. No matter how great an idea you have, till the time you don’t have a proper network, you won’t be able to build a team to execute it efficiently. Communicating with others is one of the most important skills required to build a proper team for your project to be successful. Unfortunately, many people due to their lack of networking skills hit a blockade at this stage itself and are not even able to try their idea.

Target audience

Our target audience for this Student Project Portal project is all the students in VIT Vellore. This application will help students to take part in any project they like or find interesting and can make their team.

This Student Project Portal application will bring students with similar interests and thinking together to work on various ideas and learn from each other.


Initially, students create their profiles by signing up for the application. After that, they can either create their projects or apply them to other projects. When someone applies for a project, the project manager of that project can see the profile of the applicant and if he/she has the desired skills they are accepted into the team else their request is declined.

Students can create as many projects as they like and can also apply for as many projects as they want to.

The project manager will receive a list of all the applicants and he/she can see their profiles. According to the skills required for the project they can choose whom to accept into the team and whom to reject.

This Student Project Portal Website project will help many students who have ideas for projects but are not able to execute them due to the lack of a proper team.

Cycle diagram

Sign Up

Sign up for the app using your credentials


Share and present your ideas for projects

Form Team

Form your ideal team according to your requirements.


Apply for the projects that interest you.

For a Demo of the website you can visit:

Download the complete Student Project Portal Website project on GitHub.

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