CSE Latest 2012 Seminar Topic on SMTP

This report mainly includes two topics; first one is sending an e-mail message to a standard e-mail account and second is sending a message to a cell phone or pager. This kind of approach uses SMTP client. In this all message are send from ASP.net pages. In SMTP e-mail we have to add ‘cc’ address as message receipt and then add attachments to the email and then the message portion. And in order to send message we have to learn some necessary code for it.

In SMTP demonstration we have to unzip the attachments and stored ion the system pointing to the web application form IIS and then open it in visual studio. It has two pages first one is to send a message by using library class and other is sending message to a cellular phone.

IIS configuration:- For sending an email message through a SMTP mail sever we have to do successful configuration of the local IIS. If even we install IIS the SMTP installation is optional. If STMP mail server is not install on the system and you are sure about it then go to the IIS control panel and check for the installation for this we have to use add or remove component function from the control panel.

If the SMTP sever is install then we can configure it to send the email and for doing its configuration we have to open IIS control panel and then we have to locate SMTP sever and configure it. If in it there is no IP address is shown then we have to add it. Once we have done all settings for SMTP sever and it is successfully setup then we can close it and use it to send email or message.

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