Unique ID Management System Java Project


Unique id management system is a project developed to provide the information about the citizen in any country. The information can be found by the unique id of the citizen. In this unique id management system all the transactions based on the id will be performed by the citizen.


Unique id management is a project which provide flexible and efficient way to provide the unique id. Every citizen should have unique identification to find out personal information in each and every department or services wherever the citizen goes or do work.

Unique identity for every citizen can be provided with a birth certificate. After attaining age of 18 every citizen must register at RTO office or Collector office or Thasildar office. They will  get a password to access the site which is assigned to apply for id. ID card will be provided to every user after registration.

Citizens will be given a username and password. By entering into the site user can perform all the official operations. User can use all the government services. User can apply online from anywhere.

They can pay their electricity bill and telephone bill, book railway tickets and airline tickets and pay their taxes once after entering the site. During elections people can poll online. Government officials can verify details about a person from the database for issuing vehicle license, passport, visa, etc.


The main objective of this project is to provide an unique identification without any duplication and difficulty to the users.


User Login:

Every citizen can login and access their information page. All Indian citizens of age 18 and above:

Authorized Government security officials:

Authorized security persons in police, army, and airlines should given a unique ID and password to access the security officials page which give access to information of all users. Officials can access a user’s information in demand. Unnecessary access is prohibited.


Moderator can have access to details of all the users. He can modify the entire database.


Administrator can only access information. For any information update they must approach corresponding office to get approval. Admin can modify the entire coding and structure of the system. No moderator and admin can change details without any approval.

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  1. It seems somehow you got my project which i submitted as BCA final year student of IGNOU last year. And that project actually named-“Unique Citizen Identification India(UCID India)” which i did completely by my own, not a single help from anywhere, not even looking into the internet. It’s wrong to take anybody’s project without permission. But its ok if this project anyhow gets better, and one day actually put into function by our government.

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