Online bidding Project in

Online Bidding Project or E auction System Project is a web based product selling website which is developed in programming language. With the advancement is web technologies and product selling methods through online there is scope for online bidding applications for increasing business needs.

Online bidding Project

Project Introduction:

There are many website which sell products through online like flip cart , ebay..etc. E commerce websites are growing day by day in selling different types of goods. There are two ways to buy products through online one is by directly paying amount given and get product and buying using bidding procedure. This project works on bidding mechanism.

Online Bidding Forms Explanation:

Registration Form:

From this page user can register himself to bid and to do a auction on the site. He has to enter his full details like his bank account no and mobile no and other important details he can select option of vendor customer or both at the time of registration.

Vendor Account:

This is vendor account page after vendor login this page will show this page have all details of user his mobile no bank account details address etc. he can edit his details and he can start auction from the given categories by clicking on it. All auctions by current user will also shows in this page.

Add Auction page:

When a user click on categories of product all products will show in this page in that categories .like a user clicks on electronics then all related products to electronics will shows in this page user can click on these items and then start auction.

Add Auction Details:

After selecting the item for bidding user will add details of auction from this page like starting date ending date of the auction and starting price for bidding and description of his product.

Add Items:

From this page admin can add categories and add items on added categories in which a vendor can add auctions to the site and bidder can bid on the site.

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