Smart Voting System PHP Website & Android App Synopsis PPT

The main goal and objective of this Smart Voting System application are to help the organization in automating the entire manual process of the existing voting system.

The voting system must be compatible with the multiuser environment.

The Smart Voting System should be able to follow the entire detailed description of candidates and voters.

Development & Working Procedure: 

  1. Create a website
  2. Develop an Android application
  3. Create MySQL database
  4. Authentication and verification through OTP
  5. Prepare hardware


1) New User Registration via web portal
2) Generate OTP to confirm the valid user
3)Can login to the Website
4) Should fill the Voter Registration form to Vote
5) Upload necessary documents Like ID & Address Proofs
6) Get confirmation mail for participating in the voting process.

Android App:

The Process of Voting is below:

First, the user has to download the android app then log in with their credentials then the user has to register for the voting, where the user getting verification mail / OTP to vote.

Creating database in MySQL:

1.Installation: two Apache webserver software programs with PHP and MySQL database server.

2. Save the voter information in the database. Now tell PHP to search the database for a list of voters and their information that you would like to appear on your site.

3. There are advantages to using this approach:

Instead of writing an HTML page for each voter, he would write a single PHP script designed to look up information in the database and display it.


  • Voters can vote from anywhere at any time in India.
  • Save time.
  • Reduced workload.
  • Information available on time.
  • The number of votes will increase.

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  1. hello sir please send me the sourcecode and any related documentation to my email this is a pretty interesting topic

  2. Dear sir,
    Please help to develop the system by shairing your valueble source code and documentation.

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