Taste Buds – The Food Ordering Application .Net Project


To develop a successful Intranet based food ordering application that can be associated with hotel administrative software in big hotels.


The main purpose of this The Food Ordering Software project is to develop a good application for a top rated hotel where their consumers can buy recipes online from anywhere. The system can help customers present the set of recipes available at this restaurant along with the various discounts available for the recipe items. The software will also present the images of the elements of the recipes along with the set of the menu items. Access to the device in the restaurant is likely to attract the administrator with the username and password.

Features of the project:

• Provides the option for consumers to purchase food online through the intranet
• Consumers can select items from the wide selection
• It is likely that the products are included in the basket, which can be analyzed and selected at the time of publication.
• Items purchased can also be deleted
• The possibility is that the client pays the claim individually for the things he requests, with this method this application can be quickly integrated with any active hotel software.


The existing food system is classified into the following modules that are carefully integrated with each other.

• Customers
• Recipes
• Order
• Shopping Cart


Software requirements:

Content Description
OS: Win7
Database MS-SQL server
Technologies ASP.NET with C#.NET
IDE Ms-Visual Studio.Net


It Consists of 4 Modules

  1. Customers
  2. Recipes
  3. Order
  4. Shopping Cart


• This module performs registration and maintenance of customer information.
• This information can be very much useful for delivering the ordered ones avoiding any confusion related to delivery address


• It contains
• Recipes
• Details about all recipes which are existing in the project
• Adding the new recipes and deleting the Recipes.


• It contains
• Orders List
• Payments information
Paying type
• Using this, adding new order and deleting a order

Shopping Cart:

• It contains
• Recipes types
• list of items and cost
• Adding new items to recipes

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  1. Please send me full details and all code to my mail id .I want the screenshots and ER diagram as soon as possible.
    It’s very urgent.

  2. Getting below error while submitting the order… Can you tell me how to resolve this
    “conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value”

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