Smart Helmet With Sensors For Accident Detection


  • According to a survey, in India two wheelers account for 25% of total road crash deaths. The main reasons for the fatalities are drunken driving, delay in treatment post accident and serious injury sans helmet
  • The main objective of this project is to design an intelligent system which will prevent a drunk person from driving and also identify accident if any. This system is capable of providing security and safety to the bikers against road accidents. The circuit is so designed that the bike won’t start without wearing helmet and if the rider is drunk.


To develop a prototype of the product that includes the following Technologies:

  • RFID tag system for unique communication
  • Arduino Pro mini 328
  • GSM and GPS modules
  • RF communication systems


  • This entire unit is powered by the battery. Smart helmet comprises of Arduino Pro mini 328,Piezo electric sensors, MQ3 alcohol sensor, RF transmitter, RFID tag and a rechargeable battery.
  • Here the Smart box is integrated with Smart helmet in such a way that the rider can start his vehicle only when he wears helmet and also if he is sober. After switching the bike ON, the rider must bring his helmet near to the Smart box to feed the RFID reader with RFID tag value.
  • The rider must now put on the helmet and after evaluation, a signal will be sent through RF transmitter which will be sending a code with RFID tag value.
  • The receiver present in the Smart box will accept the code. Galileo board will read the code and activate the relay. After this the rider can start ignition.
  • An SOS message with the accident location will be sent to the mobile numbers which are preloaded by rider(he can set those numbers by sending a message to gsm module) and immediate help can be provided.

Required Hardware:

  • Arduino pro mini 328
  • GSM(SIM 900A) module
  • GPS module
  • MQ-3 alcohol sensor
  • Push button sensor
  • Accelerometer-ADLX345
  • RFID tag and reader
  • RF transmitter and receiver 434MHZ (RKI 1064)
  • Rechargeable battery

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