Accident Information Using GPS and Sensors Project Report

Introduction to Accident Information Using GPS and Sensors Project:

The main objective of this project is to provide the information about the accidents to the concerned authorities through wireless technology including the information time and place. If an accident occurred in any place the accident information system gets activated and delivers the information in shorter duration, now a days it is very difficult to locate the accident location because of heavy population and various changing conditions in transport systems.

Our system make use of GPS and GSM service in providing the information and place identification, previous system are not able to generate the spot location  using GSM but combining with GPS technology  provide the spot location facility, this automotive localization system comprises of  GSM module vibrating sensor with an GPS modem , the transmitter section consists of  GPS module which takes instructions based o the latitude and longitudinal positions from the antenna controlled by the micro controller,  GSM vibrating sensor, temperature sensor, with LCD display used to display the status and position of the vehicle.

This GPS module had GPS antenna is an high performance receiver which can track signal from 20 satellites, and the receiver section had an GSM receiver module consist of mobile station for communicating from one place to other place transmits the information to the control system with display computer, and this circuit will operates at 12v dc linear mode power supply.

This linear mode power supply is obtained from the full bride rectifier which converts 12vac to dc and this 12v ac is taken from the step down transformer which steps downs 230v ac to 12v dc.

This proposed system provides security for the drivers this can be implemented by connecting this system to the automobile by using this tracking system we can reduce the time delay, providing the immediate attention on the accident conditions with proper medication in case of remote areas.

This system can be improved by connecting a camera module in order to achieve pictorial information facilitating easy interrogation.    

Download  Accident Information Using GPS and Sensors Project Report.

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