Hand Gesture based Wheel Chair Control System for Handicapped People

Why is project needed?

This project is developed for the physically handicapped people, in the market, there are many products but they do not have safety features like seat belt locking, GPS navigation, multi-control system, Hand gesture & joystick movement system.

This project gyro sensor for gesture movement which is very unique.

We have low battery indication led.

Block Diagram

Working operation

Gesture control wheelchair has two modes of operations (gyro/joystick) these sensors will give data to Atmega-328 microcontroller.

the seat belt is locked automatically once the user has seated in place.

The motor driver is interfaced for driving the motors logically as per user directions, its has GSP /GSM for getting the location information.

Gyro  Sensor

  • The gyro sensor is used to for getting the information of how much we have tilted.
  • The gyro sensor is interfaced with ATmega328 microcontroller with SPI pins.


  • The joystick is used for manual hand operated movements.
  • Joystick gives x-axis and y-axis values to Atmega328 microcontroller for motor movements


  • In this project, we are using 12V / 2A Lead acid battery.
  • Lead acid battery is easy to charge.
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost / easily available.


  • We are using a SIM808 module which has built-in GSM/ GPS for location identification and alerting the parents.
  • It works with low voltage 5V.
  • We are using this module for information to our parents with help of GPS and GSM.

DC motors

  • DC Motors are used for wheelchair movement.
  • 100RPM
  • 1Kgcm torque.


This project can be integrated into below areas.

  • Physically handicapped people.
  • Aged people.


  • This is easy to install.
  • This project has safety locking system for a seat.
  • Easily / local available spare parts are used in this project when anything not functional we can replace it easily spares are available.
  • It has two modes of operations (Hand gesture and joystick).
  • It has GPS /GSM for getting location via SMS.


This wheelchair cannot navigate in footsteps.


  • This project is very useful for physically handicapped people which helps them to navigate from place to another place without taking any other human help.

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