LPG Gas Detection Projects Abstract

LPG gas detection projects main idea is to implement security system for detecting leakage of gas in closed environment. In this project gas leakage is identified by using sensors which works only in closed environment. In present situation there are many cases related to gas leakage which cause innocent people lives and property damage. Implementing this application can be useful for companies, houses, which can save lives of people.

                        We use 8 bit microcontroller to perform the desired task by interfacing Gas sensor, Buzzer and LCD to display. The output of the Gas sensor is in analog form which can be converted into digital form using MCP3201 which is an ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). Initially when there is a leak the Gas sensor detects it and gives voltage related to the amount of gas that is getting escaped from the apparatus. We create a set-point to the microcontroller so as if the Gas sensor gives the output above the set-point the controller drives the buzzer ON as an indication to the user.
                     This can be used as an application in chemical and hazardous industries where there is a continuous need of monitoring the gas leaks. By using different kinds of sensors for every gas we can almost identify leaks for every kind of gases.

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