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Introduction to Smart Sensors Presentation:

The tremendous increase in integrated circuit is because of progress in semi conductor device which result in low cost microprocessor therefore it is possible to design low cost silicon based sensors which reduced the cost of control system. The main aim of integrating circuit is to design intelligent sensors which are called as smart sensors and it can perform many functions such as logic function, two way communication and decision making.

Usefulness of silicon technology in smart sensors: – A smart sensors utilize the properties of silicon materials. Silicon integrating chips make the sensors chip to have the single solution chip. Many of their physical effects can be used in making sensors. In this silicon can be used of sensing wide range of radiant signals. Silicon can be used for measuring force and pressure. Silicon can be used for showing temperature. Silicon is non magnetic material therefore it can be used for making sensors.

Importance: – Smart sensors have processors therefore it can be used for correction of many different sensors. The coat of the sensor depends on the setup which is done inside the sensor. Through it digital communication can be possible. It has much application like self calibration, computation, communication and multisensing. It increases the system reliability. Since in it the signal is not transmitted through wires therefore noise disturbance is very low.

Design: – design of smart sensors depends on the specific application for which it is made. It includes many functions such as sensor excitation, analogue input, data conversion and control processor. There are many different smart sensors such as optical sensor which is used in cameras, infrared detector array it sense the temperature, accelerometer and integrated multisensor which can sense gas flow, chemical reaction, cantilever, vapour sensor.

Conclusion: – From these developing sensors we can say that in coming decades a large number of sensors will going to develop.

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