Energy Saving Systems For Railway Platforms

Energy Saving System For Railway Platforms Projects main idea is to develop a micro controller based project for saving energy for railway platforms.

NEED FOR THE PROJECT: Normally in railway platforms Whether the Train is there or not, Unnecessarily all Lights in the platforms are Glowing.  In present system there is lot of usefulness wastage of energy. Maximum energy is wasted at the time of no train on the platform. All the lights televisions etc are not stopped when there is no use.


Our project is a computer controlled system Wherein all the train arrival and departure timings are entered in it. 

So we can able to switch on all the lights When the train is about to come or to leave.  During the other times we can glow Some important lights so that the platform will not be left completely dark.

In this project micro controller application setup is installed at each platform. Using a remote PC we will command micro controller unit for controlling lighting system for each platform.

 download Energy Saving Systems For Railway Platforms Project.

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