Project Report On H-Bridge Fed Dc Motor Speed Control

In this Project Report On H-Bridge Fed Dc Motor Speed Control are designing the H- Bridge with MOSFETs and controlling the input voltage of the DC motor by PWM technique.PWM is an effective method for adjusting the amount of power delivered to the load. PWM technique allows smooth speed variation without reducing the starting torque and eliminates harmonics. The MOSFET Bridge allows the bidirectional rotation of the DC motor. In PWM method, operating power to the motors is turned on and off to modulate the current to the motor. The ratio of on to off time is called as duty cycle. The duty cycle determines the speed of the motor. The desired speed can be obtained by changing the duty cycle.

The DC motors used in industrial applications have progressively gotten better over the years. Along with this, the way we control these motors has continued to improve. From the old rheostat which gave the way to solid state electronics and then the DCC and there after the PID controller. Due to efficient control methods, DC motors are widely used motors to drive the loads in industry. Among the different control techniques for the DC motor speed control, armature voltage control method using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique is the best one. We can realize the PWM control method using a chopper, build with semiconductor switches, such as BJT, MOSFET,  IGBT’s and also using an H-bridge built   with MOSFET, IGBT switches. In our project, we design H-bridge with MOSFETs and control the input voltage of the DC motor using PWM technique. To generate PWM control signals, we use AT89C51 microcontroller, one of the popular 8051 microcontroller family members. According to the user’s required speed, AT89C51 based control circuit generates appropriate PWM pulses.

 Project Report On H-Bridge Fed Dc Motor Speed Control Conclusion:

The speed control of DC motor is successfully achieved by using PWM and MOSFET based H- Bridge. It is practical one and high feasibility according to economic point of view, reliability and accuracy. It is programmable one. Therefore, it can control various motors ranging small one to several hp motors.

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