Project Report On Microcontroller Based Dc Motor Speed Controller

This Project Report On Microcontroller Based Dc Motor Speed Controller provides a real-time DC motor speed controller design with a microcontroller-based network system. The design was developed with two Phytec evaluation boards, each with eight bit the Infineon C505C microcontroller-L. The system recognizes the real-time speed of the motor with the sensor device and then transmits the data to the first Phytec microcontroller with serial communications. This data is processed and the second Phytec microcontroller with a Controller Area Network (CAN) communication scheme.

The second microcontroller uses the received data to calculate the real-time control to monitor and keep the engine speed at a constant set point based. The data are then back to the first Phytec board microcontroller with CAN and the motor voltage to change its rate constant that is used to transmit. The significance of the proposed design architecture is the ability to precisely control the speed of the engine used and / or direction, especially when in modern automobiles where the CAN protocol is very popular. Also, the report proposed real-time controller concept for the closed-loop error principle in contrast to the existing open-loop design. The report describes the system design and the experimental results.

DC motor speed controllers are very useful for controlling the motion of robotic and industrial automation systems. The controller presented here uses the pulse-width modulation (PPWM) technique. To control the speed of the DC motor, need a variable-voltage DC power source. When the DC motor is switched on, it takes certain time to reach the full speed.

Project Report On Microcontroller Based Dc Motor Speed Controller Conclusion:

A real-time digital PID controller was developed   that controls the speed of a DC motor in a closed circuit way. A CAN bus is used for the differential transmission Information between a local microcontroller that senses. The speed of the motor and a remote microcontroller contains the logic of the digital controller.

Download Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report On Microcontroller Based Dc Motor Speed Controller.

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