Wireless Dc Motor Speed and Direction Control Using IR Communication

Wireless DC Motor Speed And Direction Control Using IR Communication system works with few amps of current. This application uses pulse width modulator for controlling speed of the motor. This system can work on different voltages mainly 12 v and 24 v by just few minor wiring changes. Using this application we can control speed of the motor and brightness of the lamp.

 Advantages of using pulse width modulator are it will produce high torque in the motor with less supply voltage. Because of this high torque motor will overcome internal resistance more easily.

Operation of this project starts from with switching system where on transmitter site a direction control switches are used to control the motor speed on receiver side. Transmitter will send signal using IR transmitter and received by IR receiver. IR receiver will transmit signals to micro controllers which will decode information and take decisions.

 download  Wireless Dc Motor Speed and Direction Control Using IR Communication.

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