Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Seminar Topic

SIP is an section initiation protocol which belongs to the Application Layer Control Signalling Protocol that can be used to create, change as well as terminate the different sections of a single or multiple users. The sections involved in the protocol are multimedia conferences, the multimedia distributions as well as telephone calls of internet. This Session initiation protocol allows the users to create different sessions through which they can accept the user friendly media sets.

In order to support the different requests related to routes, this session initiation protocol will utilize the proxy server aspects in order to verify, authenticate and authorize the user services. This process even involves different types of policies related to call routing that offers efficient service features to the users. This SIM will even allow the users to perform different registration functions through which they can upload specific locations by using these proxy servers which runs only by using various numbers of transport protocols. 

Download Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Seminar Topic .


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