TCP/IP Protocol Layer Seminar Topic

TCP/IP Protocol Layer:

The TCP/IP protocol defines the data networks for networking protocols in the internet layer. The TCP/IP network implements the best design and it ensures the reliability and security, performance of the enterprise. So internet layer is suitable for this security in routing strategy.

In this Dynamic Routing with stegnography project Seminar Topic, I have planned to add the security enhancements with the routing strategy by using stegnography process which can hide the data into some other process.

“Crypto is mainly designed to make available the data confidential, authentic of source (sender) identity. Between the sender and receiver the service transmission should be integrity and non repudiation”.

In dynamic routing system, data will send through the different paths with randomization technique, so data in the routes can be securable. Here data can be in the original format, so there may b a chance to attacker to grab the data at the receiver end to cluster all the data to form the original data. For that we are using the stegnography which hide the data into some other format.

Image stegnography is the method that captures the data into it. Image stegnography is the method that captures the original data along with some original image. Then it combines those as single file which called it as stego image.  That is transmitting over the network and at the destination end it is unstego and gets the original data.

This Paper is written & submitted by Chandu.

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