Seminar Topic On Bit Torrent Protocol

Seminar-Topic-On-Bit-Torrent-Protocol.Bit Torrent protocol seminar topic explains about its invention and functionality of bit torrent protocol and how it will reduce bandwidth while downloading files. This seminar topic will be useful for computer science final year students.

Bit torrent works on bit torrent protocol which helps in effective usage of bandwidth while downloading files from a single source. Downloading files using bit torrent will reduce load balance in source computer and network. Bit torrent protocol helps users simultaneously to upload and download files from a “swam” of hosts. Using this protocol distributing of data is easy, which helps in easy access for networks with low bandwidths like mobile phones and small computers.

In order to use bit torrent file first user should prepare a simple torrent descriptor file which is available to public by the means of web, mail …etc. Then user should make it available through a Bit Torrent node which will act as a seed. Users who have torrent descriptor file will submit it to their own Bit Torrent nodes, these nodes will act as peers for downloading from seed or other peers.

After a file downloading is completed from a peer, it converts as a additional seed. This process of shifting peers to seeds will determine “health” of the file.

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