Bit torrent File Sharing Protocol Seminar Topic

Bit Torrent file sharing protocol seminar topic explains about its working nature and its usage and impact on the network.

This seminar topic also explains how bit torrent protocol works, this protocol includes encoding, torrent file, protocol tracker and algorithms included in the protocol.

Bit torrent protocol is one of the widely used protocols for downloading and uploading files from servers without any load on the local system or network.

This protocol is a peer-peer protocol for sharing files. This protocol allows users to consume and provide sharing of files directly in the network without any central entity. This protocol works on TCP layer which is a top layer in the network.

Advantages of using this protocol allow users to download different parts of the file concurrently. Multiple downloading of files will not show any effect on servers. 

  1. A user who uploads files names as the seed will make it available on the network.
  2. Users who want to download (peers) make a request for the file.
  3. Based on first in first out request peers will get part of files to download.
  4. Downloaded files are available to other peers in the form of pieces for downloading

After entire files are downloaded at peer it is named as seed.

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