Service Level Agreement implementation for the Internet Service Provider Java Project Report

The implementation of Service Level Agreement for the provider of the internet service defines thos for the service parameter quality like latency. For providing extra services like video conferencing more bandwith is required. More simple internet browsing very little bandwidth is needed. The Qos system enables to provide application specifics and allow websites with a certain set of parameters that are meant for services.

Just for example if your website hosts a variety number of sites then you must require to customize the parameters of performance to provide service level specifically as well as to control the priorities given to individual sites. Maintain and tailoring the quality level of the service also becomes important in such a situation. It involves tuning of the system so that memory, bandwidth and CPU time can be allotted to various sites of specific amounts. It includes

  • Throttling with the bandwidth
  • Using the compression of HTTP
  • Setting connection timeout
  • Limiting of connection
  • CPU monitoring
  • HTTP keep-alive
  • Configuration of Application Pool Queue Length Limits

Our new proposal is based on making reference to the definition about the document known as the Service Level Indication. It also enables monitoring the informations related to a particular Service Level Agreement and are retrieved and present to the application of the users of the network connections. This is possible only by combining as well as connecting the metrics of performance in an instance of SLI document. There are various levels of Quality of Service and the users can choose among them as per the requirement. It helps them to make the best choice of the applications and constraint of pricing. The quantity of delivery and the service can be easily negotiated with a legal contract known as the SLA or Service Level Agreement that happened between the provider of the service and the user.

The preparation of SLA for the customers is the objective of this document. For maintaining customer details, bandwidth, loss, jitter etc. for the internet service provider this project is the best.

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