IT Service Help Desk Java Project


IT service help desk is an application which will incorporate all requirements needed for the interaction between Project team and IT support team. All the information about the project team  and IT support’s will be maintained by this application.


IT service help desk is a web application which gives the solutions to the issues to the project team. This application provides cooperation to IT service management in solving the problems like installations, network resource allocation and so on.

This application will give an environment which will  provide unlimited services to the project team. This application also helps the reporting managers, IT support team to function effectively.

This application integrates other services like online and can access this application from anywhere. It will guide the entire team in solving the issue. IT support team has a facility to view the problem details, gives the solutions.


The main objective of this project is developing a web application which is directed to the employee’s in a company and  to serve as the reproduction to them.


Project Team Members:

In this project team members will take care of the issues raised regarding  installation of the  software’s. They send their problems to IT Support team and for each problem one id will be created. Based upon this id they will  download the solutions for the problems.

IT Support Team :

In this Module IT Support Team can send the solutions for the particular problems based upon the problem id. They upload the solutions and they give the chance to download the solutions.

Software Requirements:

Operating System                    :             Windows XP Professional or later

Platform                                    :          Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008

Web Technology                     :           Asp.Net with C#.Net

Data Base                                :           SQL Server 2005 /2008

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